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  1. How Does the KVAR Energy Controller work?
    The KVAR unit creates the reactive power to maintain the electromagnetic field (EMF) around the inductive windings of a motor by charging and discharging its capacitors. As motors operate, reactive power is delivered from the KVAR unit to the motor at 60 cycles/second. The KVAR stores and releases what the motors need to function more efficiently. This unique approach reduces the heat generated on the electrical lines and therefore reduces the strain placed on all the electrical components so they actually will increase their life expectancy. Electricity that is normally pulled through the power distribution lines is now reclaimed and recycled by the KVAR. The KVAR reclaims, stores, recycles and supplies power to all inductive motor loads. As you have already paid for this electricity, why waste a percentage of your investment. With the KVAR Energy Controller, energy can be stored and released when needed. This whole process is called energy optimization.

  2. What is an inductive load?
  3. What is Power Factor?
  4. How can I reduce the primary power factor surcharge penalty?
  5. Can the KVAR be installed in every home or business?
  6. Are there 3-phase KVAR for commercial applications?
  7. Will the KVAR affect any of my appliances?
  8. Is the KVAR tested, certified and proved?
  9. How much can I expect to save per month by using the KVAR?
  10. How long will it take for a KVAR unit to pay for itself?
  11. How long will the KVAR last?
  12. Why haven’t I heard of this product until now?
  13. How does KVAR compare with other energy savings techniques?
  14. How much does the KVAR cost, and how do I receive it?
  15. Does the KVAR offer Surge Protection?
  16. Is the KVAR Unit Warranted?
  17. Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
  18. Who should install KVAR unit?
  19. Can the KVAR units be taken with you when moving?
  20. How do the Utility Company’s benefit?
  21. How is the environment benefited by using the KVAR?
  22. Are there rebates or energy credits available?


I just had to write you and tell you that my electric bill came in and I’m very excited. I can’t believe how much money it saved me already.

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The KVAR unit has a 25 year life expectancy. Five (5) year warranty against workmanship and parts defects.

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