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  1. How Does the KVAR Energy Controller work?
  2. What is an inductive load?
  3. What is Power Factor?
  4. How can I reduce the primary power factor surcharge penalty?
  5. Can the KVAR be installed in every home or business?
  6. Are there 3-phase KVAR for commercial applications?
  7. Will the KVAR affect any of my appliances?
  8. Is the KVAR tested, certified and proved?
  9. How much can I expect to save per month by using the KVAR?
    That depends on many factors, i.e., the size of your home, the amount and size of inductive motors, the rate at which you are charged per kilowatt-hour for electricity and how far you are away from power company transformers and generation stations. However, generally speaking, users of the product have seen 6% - 30% in savings. A typical example is the residential or light commercial panel mount system: Electric bill is $300 per month (10% savings=$30month for the next 25 years=$9,000) (20% savings=$60month for the next 25 years = $18,000) Electric bill is $600 per month (10% savings= $60month for the next 25 years = $18,000 (20% savings = $120 per month for the next 25 years = $36,000) The larger the inductive motors and the longer the run times of the motors will mean larger savings! Larger Commercial systems should experience greater savings as well.
  10. How long will it take for a KVAR unit to pay for itself?
  11. How long will the KVAR last?
  12. Why haven’t I heard of this product until now?
  13. How does KVAR compare with other energy savings techniques?
  14. How much does the KVAR cost, and how do I receive it?
  15. Does the KVAR offer Surge Protection?
  16. Is the KVAR Unit Warranted?
  17. Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
  18. Who should install KVAR unit?
  19. Can the KVAR units be taken with you when moving?
  20. How do the Utility Company’s benefit?
  21. How is the environment benefited by using the KVAR?
  22. Are there rebates or energy credits available?


I am really amazed at how well the KVAR unit has worked to reduce our usage of electricity. I saw a 21% reduction on my first electric bill after the unit was installed.
John Murphy


The KVAR unit has a 25 year life expectancy. Five (5) year warranty against workmanship and parts defects.

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